Glenfiddich 12

Glenfiddich 12

Glenfiddich 12

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Origin - Scotland, Speyside,

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Glenfiddich 12 is a phenomenally popular whisky whose quality matches its popularity. While not quite as complex or challenging as some of the older and more ambitious Glenfiddichs, it’s as satisfying and enjoyable an entry-level single malt as you’re going to find. It’s sweet and “easy” enough for beginning scotch drinkers, but it’s suitably flavorful and balanced for even the snobbiest whisky snob. It’s a great way to get back to basics for a dram or two.

While it’s best when drunk neat, Glenfiddich 12 holds up surprisingly well to water or ice, even if they’re not necessary. As for cocktails, it’s a little weak in a highball, but makes a fine scotch sour, and it’s a nice upgrade from blended scotch in a Penicillin.

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