Desert Door Oak Aged Sotol 50ml

Desert Door Oak Aged Sotol 50ml

Desert Door Oak Aged Sotol 50ml

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Origin - United States, Texas,

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Wild-harvest all on ranches across Texas; they don’t farm or cultivate any of their sotol stock. Wild harvesting is a much more sustainable practice than monocropping and helps conserve valuable resources such as land and water. The Oak-Aged Texas Sotol is the result of aging their Original Texas Sotol in virgin White Oak barrels for approximately one year. On the nose, our Oak Aged is akin to a young whiskey, with pleasing notes of vanilla, cedar, and caramel. Sipping reveals more vanilla, along with dried cherries and oak. The finish brings back caramel and a creamy smoothness like vanilla custard, with just a hint of eucalyptus.

Sip our Oak-Aged neat or over an ice cube. It also makes a great Old Fashioned and can be substituted for brown spirits in most cocktail recipes.

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