Bordiga Vermouth Rosso

Bordiga Vermouth Rosso

Bordiga Vermouth Rosso

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This classic vermouth is based on both white and red wine (sweet vermouth is often made of white wine only, the color coming from caramel). The red is Nebbiolo, the white varieties are Moscato, Cortese, and Trebbiano. About 25 botanicals are used, many grown in the Occitan Alps near the distillery; the principal ones being wormwood, dittany, elderflower, cinchona bark, quassia, orange peel, Gentiana Acaulis flowers, cardamom, yarrow, and saffron.

The botanicals are individually infused in pure alcohol derived from wheat so that the extraction of each component is correct. (No purchased infusions are used.) These infusions are combined and blended with the different wines, and sugar is added. After cold stabilization and filtration, the vermouth is bottled; after resting for another few months it is ready to be sold. 

This excellent sweet vermouth can be drunk as an aperitif on the rocks or with soda and will transform your Negroni or Manhattan. 

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